Engineered to Eliminate Viruses

The FixMeStick is an all-in-one external virus removal device that lets you take control of the situation. It uses 3 industry leading scanners to efficiently and thoroughly remove the malware from your computer.
We also offer a dedicated and knowledgeable support staff eager to help you conquer computer viruses.


Plugs into your computer's USB port, you launch the program and let the stick do its thing.


Remove more viruses, malware and trojans than any single antivirus program.


Ensures your computer is truly clean by scanning with an incorruptable external device.

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"Even though I run my antivirus regularly, when I ran FixMeStick for the first time, it found over 50 threats and removed them!"

- Belinda S.
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FixMeStick: Virus Removal Device

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